Intuit wanted to do something big to introduce their online accounting software to their users. We opened a restaurant “ASSET” and personally invited accountants to join us. Each of the five courses represented a new feature of Quickbooks Online Accountant software.

Teaser Website

We created a website to tease the launch of the restaurant, show off the menu, and provide a place to reserve your seat. The website is filled with beautiful photos and videos we composed just for the experience.

- Invitation Delivery -
VIP guest were hand invited to the event with a box of artisan chocolates,
each piece representing a feature of QuickBooks Online Accountant.

The Space

The Food

Each course was prepared to represent a feature of Quickbooks Online Accountant. As the guest ate the different courses they learned more about what Quickbooks had to offer. We fed their stomachs and minds at the same time.

Course One

- Enter the Cloud -
A literal cloud of vaporized Gin and Tonic with a hint of elderflower filled the room as guest went inside for a "drink". Once inside guest learned about Quickbooks cloud based features while catching a buzz in a cloud.

Course 4

- Uncover more -
A cloche filled with smoke covered the food as it was carried to the table. Once at the table the cloche was removed to show off the main course, reminiscent of how Quickbooks software helps you uncover more deductions.

Video Recap

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